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Larger Businesses
Strategic sourcing. Strategic logistics. Core business impact.

What is the one thing that could threaten your company's very ability to operate?

Centralised or de-centralised ... the supply chain makes up the single largest cost component of most organisations outsource spending. It is comprised of two essential elements:

  • Strategic sourcing; and
  • Strategic logistics

These elements include the flow of information, business processes, and decisions to specify, design, plan, purchase, transport, warehouse, inventory, and deliver materials and services to internal and external customers. Most importantly, the supply chain should integrate all decisions, processes, and activities on a lowest-total-cost life cycle basis from raw materials to end-customer and there would be a contract in support that is routinely subject to a performance management review.

The efficiency and effectiveness of these processes are quickly becoming the industry-competitive differentiators.

Combining supply chain skills with the ability to articulate non-performance, service degradation or risks from a shared strategic vision by leveraging procurement, legal and finance to proactively deliver cost savings, risk identification and consistent interactions, for competitive business advantage can start today.

Deploy a roadmap for where to go, how to get there, and most importantly, what to do once you are there.

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  • Supply chain management
  • Staff training
  • Management training
  • Management process
  • RISK FREE Options
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Initiative management
  • ERP functional review + implementation
  • Six-Sigma strategy integration 
  • Cross-functional infrastructure development
  • Business process analysis
  • Service Level Agreements SLA
  • Philosophy and practice development
  • Organisational and functional strategies
  • Competitive gap analysis + benchmarking
  • Database development
  • Information technology integration
  • Education and training
  • Forecasting


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