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Small & Medium businesses
Benefiting your business with the relevant service for your size

In order to get growth and increase profit most businesses rely on their skills in-house. Uunder estimating the skills and resources required to do this effectively could end up costing the business financially or putting the business at higher levels of risk than otherwise necessary.

  • When was the last time your customer service was independently accessed?
  • Do you need bottom line savings?
  • Do you want to control customer complaints or cancelled orders?
  • Want to stop surprise invoices or budget blowouts?

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Here’s just some of the way’s we can help

  • Providing RISK FREE options on business risk accessment?
  • Staff training
  • Supply Chain Management, Category Management aligning Procurement, Legal and Finance  
  • Do you have contracts or agreements in place and are they working? where are they? 
  • How often is the customer relationship, contract or supplier performance reviewed?
  • What criteria are being used to measure performance?
  • How do you know you are getting a good return on investment? 
  • Formalise your company terms & conditions to protect yourself when providing services to your customers?

A summary of common business risks

Trust The buying ethos is typically one of trusted relationships or the purchase is recommended by another person for whom trust already exists. So identify and consider the risks.
Pressure & Demand Every business has pressures; however, this can be counterproductive when negotiating an agreement. Is there a perception that the offered terms are non-negotiable? Or because of time constraints or offer limitations time is of the essence?
Total Cost Most vendors have an ethical approach to securing business; however protecting the revenue stream will likely remain a key objective for most suppliers.  Cost is not everything, consider total cost of ownership.
Financial Has due diligence revealed the identity of areas of potential risk or financial exposure for your business? What are the hidden costs? Time is money.
Experience Are the people involved in the negotiations qualified and experienced; do they know what to look for; are they being influenced by something else?
Agreement Has the vendor presented their ‘standard’ document? This does not necessarily translate into an equitable agreement for your company.


Hubbards Case Study

Board and executive management were aware of shortcomings in supplier consideration within the business and identified the need to effectively manage this. Read more
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