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Business specific services for your size

Big business or small business, it does not matter.

How a supplier’s performance is perceived is often directly proportional to how the relationship has been managed. For smaller business this usually falls to the owner/manager of the business and for larger organisations this is generally done as a separate business function, or individually by separate business units or simply on an ad-hoc basis by people whose primary responsibility is for something other than managing supplier performance or key business relationships. 

If a specific supplier or customer is important for your business then it is critical that the relationship is managed.

Talk to Vendor Management NZ today to see how we can help you successfully tap into this unlimited source of business value.

 Achieving effective vendor management means.

  • Happy customers - internal and external
  • Informed decision making capability
  • Getting the tender process working
  • Cost savings
  • Contract and performance management
  • Stakeholder responsibilities captured - gaining internal alignment and agreement over objectives
  • Staff Training - dealing with suppliers and effective negotiation, contract management, setting SLAs 
  • Effective benchmarking
  • Contestability, leveragability and consolidation
  • Reducing duplicated effort
  • Regular supplier performance reviews - KPI's, SLA, ROI and escalation
  • Balancing risk & exposure
  • Reductions in financial leakage for cost saving opportunities that are identifiable and achievable
  • Contracts and agreements that are a win-win for all parties

Telephone us on NZ 0800 464844 today or email us on help@vendormanagement.co.nz  

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