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Our Process

Vendor Management processes are designed to create a solid foundation for your business supplier development and disciplines. Depending on the number of people involved, the time invested will provide a clear framework for reviewing and confirming key strategies or deliver a finalised and agreed plan.

This results in…

  • A vision for your business, which aligns supplier performance with business expectation
  • A set of clear processes to align your team, reducing friction and inefficiency
  • Staff training and development 
  • Innovative management strategies for achieving key goals – to help leap you ahead of your competitors and deliver greater returns
  • Capability to identify and mitigate commercial risks
  • Reduce core business impact
  • Effective contract management
  • Supplier relationships that promote the value of "relationship" and deliver added value

Phase I - Due Diligence – Supplier Landscape Review

  • 2-hour workshop – customer profiling and needs analysis
  • 1-5 days onsite reviewing current organisational supplier landscape that includes key stakeholder identification and reviews
  • Identifying key risks and core business impacts
  • Understanding the commercial and operational influences
  • Reviewing key relationships in terms of the success of supplier/partner transactions and contracts
  • Identifying any assumptions
  • Documenting a synthesis of results into a comprehensive report, including key messages, risks and recommendations

Phase II - Due Diligence – Implementing Change

A phased approach to providing a solution that is designed for strategic improvement and organisational development as a pipelined process within your business, that includes but is not limited to:

  • Training and workshops that introduce process improvement and stakeholder ownership
  • Documentation consistency – including templates & contracts
  • Measuring supplier performance
  • Quantifying financial exposures
  • Effective contract management and negotiation processes in place 

Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management

Handbook and policy reference document created specifically for your organisation with topics and flow diagrams that cover area’s such as:

  • Strategic sourcing and supplier management
  • Code of conduct and business ethics
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Contract evaluation
  • Risk management
  • RFx Process – including RFP, RFI, RFQ
  • Supply Manager Engagement (cost vs. critical supply identification)
  • Running the Vendor Management Programme
  • Supplier performance evaluations, problem management and risk mitigation
  • Business cases, KPI’s, SLA’s, negotiation strategy
  • and more ...

Consultancy, Training & Documentation

  • Ranging for one-on-one through to group sessions for supplier relationship, contract management and negotiation
  • Dealing with problem suppliers
  • Supplier performance evaluations
  • Writing, reviewing, negotiating and amending contracts requirements
  • Managing one or many supplier performance requirements
  • Introducing methodology and processes redevelopments
  • Recognising our place in the supply chain

Post Due Diligence

Working with key resource(s) reviewing evolution activities
1-2 days per month for 3-6 months or as maybe required to ensure maintenance of evolution activities and strategy enhancement. 

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