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How it works

Our approach is to design and undertake in conjunction with our clients a program for strategic improvement and organisational development of their supplier network providing a disciplined approach to supplier engagement and management.

In this way, requirements for one methodology are being introduced or refined for your business while a previous process is being redeveloped.

Impact cycles are short (we aim for not more than two-month cycles) allowing for stable requirements during the deployment phase, but allowing for relatively quick reaction times on new or specific features for your business.

Effective deployment of vendor governance, will mean your business can expect positive outcomes and long-term success including proactive vendor behaviours, cost saving and other efficiencies within current manual overheads.

In a time when organisations across the board are demanding cost savings, industry trends especially in a recession include making people redundant mean businesses have to become more efficient with existing resource and there is a demand to use technology to become more efficient.

Predictions are for commercial risks and the demand for increased costs savings to rise so talk to Vendor Management today about how a disciplined supplier management program that includes risk management, contract management and performance management will benefit your business and deliver cost-saving and efficiency programs that can mean strategic advantanges and help to ensure making people redundant is not the first cost saving initiative your business does.


The associated rectification activity means long-term supplier governance for organisational cost savings, strategic advantages and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) now and into the future.