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What is it all about?

Disciplined supplier performance management has seven problem trends that are consistent irrespective of the organisation or industry we are in, this is supplier management that lacks the discipline to deliver...

Vendor Management works closely with businesses to align the supplier performance with business expectation, to incorporate effective vendor management strategies with task-oriented tools and techniques for your business. Our representatives are experienced business experts with multiple success stories and who are now dedicated to bringing disciplined vendor management strategies to your business.

Cost Savings

How to achieve cost saving and reduce ongoing saving leakage from your business. Identifying cost saving opportunities, hidden costs, false economies, disruption, performance and service degradation, waste management, and business assumptions made, for strategic sourcing disciplines and cost saving that could start today.

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Visibility & Transparency

Obtaining organisational visibility and transparency of suppliers can be achieved through a centralised supplier and contract registrar that captures the organisations supplier engagements, merges information and transfers this valuable information into a single real-time repository for efficient administration, reporting, contract management, risk management and filtering.

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The capability to balance risk and exposure against core business impact with processes amended to include contract awareness, equitable terms, formal vendor performance measures, assessment risk management and escalation to remove one of the biggest cost impact to business that is disruption, delays and underperforming supplier going unnoticed.

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Stakeholder Awareness

In business we don't always know who our key stakeholders are, so we have developed a strategic sourcing & vendor management policies that identify and engage with the organisations stakeholders providing 'how to' reference guides to roles and responsibilities, that is both a support resource and a practical tool for your business. 

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Supplier Intelligence

Supplier intelligence and contract-lifecycle-management inefficiencies identified to capture the service offering, provide benchmarking and performance trends, key date alerts and visibility. Aligning the supplier performance with business expectation for engagement consistencies that reduce disruption and the risks associated with ad hoc or reactive supplier engagement.

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Contestability, Leverage & Consolidation

Creating an environment that expects supplier excellence, that reduces supplier costs, mitigates commercial risks and up-skills existing resources to remove the expectation that 'someone else' is managing the organisations suppliers and the associated contracts. Providing and maintaining contestability, leveragability and consolidation of the businesses existing and potential suppliers now and into the future for added value and a disciplined engagement approach. Organisations is aware of their rights and obligations when it comes to the contact, able to negotiate equitable terms and conditions that includes performance.

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Contract Lifecycle Management vs. The Contract

Contracts have a beginning, middle and an end, so organisations need to know more than ever before about supplier under performance, risky suppliers, unproductive and ineffective relationships. They need to manage compliance to contractual agreements, reduce risk and align procurement services with business strategy. They need to focus on “value”, not just cost. Understanding when a contract is formed, your rights and obligations and maintaining an informed decision making capability is critical for management strategic competitive advantage.

Once a contract is formed it is essential for organisations to manage these supplier contracts and agreements in a cost effective way, seeking equitable terms and mitigation of commercial risk, capturing key date alerts and compliance requirements, negotiation, termination, consolidation and performance reviews.

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