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Reviewing Agreements, Contract Management and Negotiation

What is the one thing that could threaten your company's very ability to operate?

Contract formation and management is likely to high on the list. What is a contract? A contract is a written or spoken agreement and they come is all shapes and sizes. Some are formal and some are informal, however they all have three features in common:

  1. Offer - an offer is made
  2. Acceptance - it is accepted
  3. Consideration - promises are made to give something and usually money is exchanged, although that is not essential for the contract to exist.

In business it presupposes a contract exists, however a contract is not always 100% assurance of a successful commercial relationship, much the same as a pre-nuptial agreement is no guarantee of a successful marriage. However contracts underpin the very nature of what it means to be in business and both documents serve to identify risk, manage the possibility of failure and act to limit the extent of damage. Consider it a bit like taking out insurance.

The larger the organisation the greater the expectation that someone else is controlling the risks and performance managing suppliers or at least should be. Perhaps that’s you or someone reporting to you?

Here’s just some of the way’s we can help

  • Training in Dealing with suppliers and effective negotiation
  • Cost savings - risk free options available
  • Identifying the risks or operational impact
  • Staff Training - procurement best practice
  • Leveraging business intelligence
  • Reviewing agreements
  • Contract checklist
  • Negotiation tips and tricks
  • Documentation consistency 
  • Performance review processes
  • Contract Management
  • The importance of contract transparency
  • Dealing with problem suppliers
  • Terms and Conditions for your business
  • Understanding the fine print in contracts and agreements
  • Train-the-trainer site specific training
  • Customer statisfaction - retaining the business