Contract Management

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Cost Savings & Supplier Relationship and Outsource Management Services

  • Supplier Landscape Review - provides an independent benchmark review of vendor governance and strategic sourcing disciplines across the business. It identifies assumptions made, critical success factors, engagement expectations and the identity of business unit and functional responsibility gaps. This information is captured into a comprehensive report that includes risk assessments and recommendations.

  • Introduce Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management Policy Documentation - an organisational reference guide providing a “how to” reference and support resource. This encapsulates formal knowledge and practical tools for outsource management and organisational consistency in strategic sourcing as well as vendor governance methodologies.

  • Visibility and Consistency - working with the business to establish the most appropriate methodologies to achieve business model objectives. For example, increased accountability or to gain rapid stakeholder support that does not compromise demanding purchasing requirements.

  • Training and Workshops - an introduction to process improvements designed for: stakeholder awareness and ownership; contracts and the legal ramifications thereof; documentation consistency; and (as required) review initial software specification requirements.

  • Contract Lifecycle Management - managing your supplier contracts or agreements in a cost effective way, seeking equitable terms and mitigation of commercial risk, capturing key date alerts and compliance requirements, negotiation, termination, consolidation and performance reviews.

IMPORTANT: Vendor Management NZ Ltd, its officers, employees, sub-contractors and agents are bound by a non-disclosure agreement for the protection of any confidential information obtained through its services. To further protect our customers a non-disclosure agreement shall be offered for execution between Vendor Management NZ Ltd and every customer prior to the commencement of any work.