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A ‘normal’ introduction is this great thing called GOOD WILL, which is something you give freely out of the kindness of your heart and without expectation of anything in return, and you can choose to do that, however if being financially rewarded for your effort is more in tune with your goals then you are invited to join the Vendor Management referral program.

Our referral program is designed to reward companies and people like you who have seen an opportunity and assisted us to secure a new client by providing us with genuine qualified original referral on new business.

Vendor Management aims to expand our new client customer base; so provide us with genuine qualified original referral information that we can use and turn into new business, then on the completion of the services Vendor Management will pay you a ‘finder’s fee’ commission reward.

Complete the form below, making sure to provide us with ALL your details (so we know who to pay) and the details of the new business client you are referring, including the current contact details of one or more individuals that Vendor Management can use to make contact and we will do the rest; it’s that simple!!

If you have any questions or queries please CONTACT US.

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Registration is currently limited to Australian and New Zealand participants only. Please register separately and submit each referral opportunity in these countries.

Referrers contact details:

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On success of the referral how would you like to receive your ‘finder’s fee’ commission reward? 

Note: Vendor Management will never ask for other personal details such as Driver Licence, DOB, unique 4-digit codes, PIN numbers and the like; we recommend personal vigilance at all times.